Some pointers about MOGA and MushRoom Bounce!


1. MOGA Pro and MOGA Pocket are both supported. We strongly recommend the Pro version, as it only costs $10 to $20 more and is far superior in every way.


2. MushRoom Bounce! will detect your MOGA controller automatically, without any 3rd party driver or software. It takes about 20 seconds. You can turn on your MOGA at any time before or after you launch MushRoom Bounce!


3. That means you don't need the MOGA Universal Driver, or the Pivot app to use the MOGA with MushRoom Bounce! If you experience any problems getting your MOGA recognized by the game, try closing the Pivot app and launching the game manually.


4. Once MushRoom Bounce! finds your MOGA, it will change the main menu to read "MOGA Config" instead of "Gamepad Cfg". This opens up a new menu, where you can A) map the MOGA buttons to the various in-game actions, and B) view the default button mapping.


5. MushRoom Bounce! is not that complicated of a game, at least in the play control department. Therefore only 4 buttons are used. However, the game will recognize ALL the buttons on your gamepad or MOGA, so you can select which 4 buttons you wish to use.


6. Like any other controller, you can "config" your MOGA buttons -- you can decide which button does what. Select "MOGA Config" --> "Config MOGA Btns" to map your MOGA's buttons. Follow the on-screen instructions, which are basically:  Press a button for ACTION, then CANCEL, then AUX (used to make the Status Bar appear/disappear), then PAUSE, and finally you select which analog stick will move your character by pressing LEFT or RIGHT, then finally UP or DOWN. Just 6 button presses total. 


7. Android supports HID ("recognized as an actual joystick/gamepad") controllers, as long as you are running Gingerbread (Android version 2.3.3) or higher. MushRoom Bounce! also supports all HID controllers. So the MOGA Pro, in HID mode, is recognized right out of the box.


8. As soon as the MOGA is recognized, all touch controls are disabled. If the MOGA is turned off (or runs out of power), the game will display a disconnect message and all touch controls will be re-enabled.


9. If the game loses contact with your MOGA controller, a disconnect message will be displayed which also pauses the game. You can either replace your MOGA's batteries (etc.) and switch it back on, which will make the message go away automatically, or you can tap the screen to make the message go away and resume (un-pause) using normal touch controls.


10. If you happen to be running the MOGA Universal Driver, MushRoom Bounce! will work with that as well. The MOGA Universal Driver allows you to map each of the MOGA buttons to any key on the keyboard. MushRoom Bounce! will recognize keyboard keys in lieu of any of the 4 Gamepad buttons. Just press a keyboard key during normal Gamepad/MOGA Config. The thing to understand about the MOGA Universal Driver is that it allows you to configure your MOGA as a small, custom keyboard where you can make the "A" button (for example) be anything from an "A" to a "Z", or even the UP-ARROW key. This allows the MOGA to be used with any game that supports keyboard input.


For a superior game play experience, get a MOGA Gamepad today!