For Android, we recommend:



Move Bouncer      Up/Down/Left/Right Arrow Keys
       NOTE: You can move diagonally
Pause/Un-Pause Game      SPACEBAR (Joystick: PAUSE)
Show/Hide Status Bar      BACKSPACE (Joystick: AUX)
Use Ability      RIGHT CTRL (Joystick: ACTION)
Change Ability      INS, DEL (Joystick: CANCEL)
Quit Game      ESC, Q (Joystick: CANCEL when Paused)

Keyboard shortcuts for various abilities:

Grab Creature      Z
Place Bomb      X
Place Big Bomb      C
Zoom In      Page Down
Zoom Out      Page Up

MushRoom Bounce! only needs to use (4) buttons of your Gamepad/Joystick.
Using "Gamepad Cfg" in the Main Menu, you can select which of your Gamepad's 8+ buttons will be used for each of those (4) buttons.

Gamepad Cfg will ask you to press 4 buttons, in this order: ACTION, CANCEL, AUX, and PAUSE. After that, it asks you to press LEFT or RIGHT, followed by UP or DOWN.
These last two tell the game which analog stick (axis) you want to use for horizontal and vertical movement.

MushRoom Bounce! will remember your settings next time you play the game. If you want to change your gamepad button mappings at any time, just run "Gamepad Cfg" again.

Gamepad Cfg will automatically configure ALL joysticks found on your PC, up to (2) joysticks.

For Windows/Mac/Linux, we recommend:

Logitech F310 Gamepad