Play Control - Keyboard and Joystick

What is Needed to Run the Game

If you have any problems running MushRoom Bounce!, you should make sure your computer has all the necessary software and drivers:

  • Operating System: Windows (XP or higher), Mac OS, or Linux (32- or 64-bit)
  • The latest Java Runtime (JRE) provided free by Oracle (the company that owns Java) for your particular operating system
    Here is a great resource for Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, Mint) users trying to install Java:
  • The latest drivers for your video card - they must support OpenGL
  • DirectX 9.0 (Windows users only)
  • Working drivers for your gamepad(s)
  • For some Logitech gamepads (such as the F310): Switch gamepad to "D" mode
  • If you're having problems with your gamepad, test it in your OS to make sure it is detected, as well as configured properly:
    • In Windows, go to Control Panel --> Game Controllers
    • In Linux, there's a graphical front end for Joysticks. Install package called "jstest-gtk" ("sudo apt-get install jstest-gtk") and run it from the command line ("jstest-gtk").
    • Other OSes have their own ways to detect and configure Joysticks/Gamepads.

Once you have a recent copy of the official (Oracle) Java Runtime installed, you may or may not need to associate all "JAR" files with that runtime. The procedure for doing this varies by operating system. Google is a very helpful tool for this task. Type in something along the lines of "associate JAR file java JRE mac lion", "how to associate JAR files java windows7" or "associate JAR files java runtime Kubuntu".

You can also run a Java JAR file by typing in a command shell/terminal/command prompt: java -jar MushRoomBounce.jar

On the Downloads page, we offer a single JAR file which will run on all major desktop operating systems. Java JAR files are cross-platform and can be run on any operating system that supports Java. We also provide an EXE version for the convenience of our Windows users; this is basically the same JAR file with an EXE wrapper. NOTE: Windows users will still need the Java Runtime installed, even if they download the .EXE version.

MushRoom Bounce! Raspberry Pi Edition - What you need to run it:

  • A Raspberry Pi. Model B (512 RAM) is required; the Model A (256 RAM) probably won't work. The Model B is around $50 shipped (includes case and power adapter).
  • Video Memory. Allocate 128 MB to the GPU (video memory) using "raspi-config" program.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: (Update 12/29/14) The next section (Screen Resolution) helped me at one time, so I will leave it here, but I discovered today that allocating 128 MB GPU memory did the trick. I was able to play MushRoom Bounce! FULL SCREEN with no problems on my 32" TV. No font problems, no crashes, and the game loaded and played with no problems!
  • This was tested on a fresh install of the latest version of Raspbian, dated 12-24-14. Nothing special was done, except I allocated 128 MB of video memory to the GPU.
  • Screen Resolution. Do this if the main menu has a bunch of black blocks instead of normal-looking, readable fonts. Edit your main config file (/boot/config.txt) to make sure your screen resolution isn't too high. 
    If you're using a large TV set (via HDMI), the Raspberry Pi might be using a very high screen resolution. To limit it, take out the "#" from each of these lines:
    So they will look like
    Save changes and reboot your Raspberry Pi.

  • Desktop Linux. The latest Raspbian is recommended.
  • Java Runtime. Specifically, the official (Oracle) Java 7 Runtime (which comes pre-installed with Raspbian as of 12/24/13)
  • Input device. Keyboard and/or USB Gamepad(s)
  • Checkbox. Make sure the ".run" file is executable. To do this:
    1. Right-click the file and go to Properties
    2. Go to the Permissions tab
    3. At the bottom, check the box next to "Allow executing file as program", then click "OK" at the bottom of the window.
  • Double-click. Game is run like any desktop program.

Optional, but strongly recommended:

  • Class 10 SDcard for optimal loading speed
  • USB Gamepad (or TWO controllers, for exciting, split-screen 2-player action!)
  • Internet connectivity (to submit scores to the online Leaderboards)
  • Close all un-necessary windows and programs before you launch the game.
  • If you have a lot of background services running that didn't come pre-installed with Raspbian, game performance may suffer.

MushRoom Bounce! Raspberry Pi Edition was tested on a stock Model B Raspberry Pi with a default Raspbian install.

It is meant to be run as a normal desktop application (under the X Window manager). You shouldn't need to mess with your existing Raspbian setup to run MushRoom Bounce!, unless you have a lot of extra background services running.

MushRoom Bounce! performance on the Pi was tested to be more than adequate without any overclocking.
If you want the game to run more smoothly, you can get the game to run 100% stutter-free if you turn off the background music (In the game's menu, select Options --> Music: Off)
The music files have been optimized as much as possible (The average 2 minute track is only 500 KB). The next step would have been to remove them.

Still having problems? Feel free to e-mail us.
Use the "Contact" form in the main menu (above).

Found a bug in the game? Please let us know. We welcome all bug reports.