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MushRoom Bounce! now available on OUYA!

Get the download here: MushRoom Bounce! OUYA Edition (version 1.2.2)
Or download it from the OUYA Store!

MushRoom Bounce! is now one of the 630 games on OUYA, the $99 revolutionary Android console launched only 7 months ago. On OUYA, every game is free to try! While OUYA runs Android 4.1 under the hood, it doesn't have a touch screen but instead gets played on a TV set. Also, the gameplay for OUYA games is quite different, as every player has 1 or more controllers instead of a keyboard and/or mouse. So as you can guess, many existing Android tablet and phone games are excluded from the OUYA platform.

MushRoom Bounce! on the other hand is a natural console game! Like the multiplayer Super Nintendo, Sega and Playstation games of years gone by, MushRoom Bounce! offers a great living room 2D action game experience -- a classic console-style game that's twice as fun when you add a second player/controller!


Major update of MushRoom Bounce! -- version 1.2.1

Head over to our Downloads page to get the goods: MushRoom Bounce!

Not content with MushRoom Bounce! being anything less than awesome, we continue to fine-tune, improve, and even add features to our ground-breaking game! The "Change log" file is longer than the rap sheet of a 1920's gangster! MushRoom Bounce was released in late November for Desktop and early December for Android. But hundreds of changes and improvements have been made since then. If you haven't checked out the LATEST MushRoom Bounce, you owe it to yourself!

Version 1.2.1 is a Major Upgrade
Includes over 80+ bug fixes and improvements made during the past 2 months (since the game's initial release)
New action for Bouncer: Ice ray - Shoot out ice beams and freeze creatures and objects, then push around the resulting ice cubes!
New action for Bouncer: Repel Gun - Right out of a sci-fi movie, the Repel Gun emits an irresistable force that sends creatures flying! This item is great fun to use.
New action for Bouncer: Zoom in/Zoom out - See as little of the game world, or as much, as you want. Zoom in and catch all the small details!
Major Desktop version improvement: game window now takes up entire screen width
Fixed major bug on Android: couldn't use Zoom feature at all with on-screen buttons
Enhanced gameplay by adding "repeat" or turbo feature when you hold down a button
Re-created MushBlocks level with completely new graphics and layout


MushRoom Bounce! now available on Raspberry Pi!

Get the download here: MushRoom Bounce! Raspberry Pi Edition (version 1.1.8)

MushRoom Bounce! Raspberry Pi Edition - What you need to run it:

  • A Raspberry Pi. Model B (512 RAM) is required; the Model A (256 RAM) probably won't work. The Model B is around $50 shipped (includes case and power adapter).
  • Video Memory. Allocate 64 MB to the GPU (video memory) using "raspi-config" program.
  • Desktop Linux. The latest Raspbian is recommended.
  • Java Runtime. Specifically, the official (Oracle) Java 7 Runtime (which comes pre-installed with Raspbian as of 12/24/13)
  • Input device. Keyboard and/or USB Gamepad(s)
  • Checkbox. Make sure the ".run" file is executable. To do this:
    1. Right-click the file and go to Properties
    2. Go to the Permissions tab
    3. At the bottom, check the box next to "Allow executing file as program", then click "OK" at the bottom of the window.
  • Double-click. Game is run like any desktop program.

Optional, but strongly recommended:

  • Class 10 SDcard for optimal loading speed
  • USB Gamepad (or TWO controllers, for exciting, split-screen 2-player action!)
  • Internet connectivity (to submit scores to the online Leaderboards)
  • Close all un-necessary windows and programs before you launch the game.
  • If you have a lot of background services running that didn't come pre-installed with Raspbian, game performance may suffer.

MushRoom Bounce! Raspberry Pi Edition was tested on a stock Model B Raspberry Pi with a default Raspbian install.

It is meant to be run as a normal desktop application (under the X Window manager). You shouldn't need to mess with your existing Raspbian setup to run MushRoom Bounce!, unless you have a lot of extra background services running.

MushRoom Bounce! performance on the Pi was tested to be more than adequate without any overclocking.
If you want the game to run more smoothly, you can get the game to run 100% stutter-free if you turn off the background music (In the game's menu, select Options --> Music: Off)
The music files have been optimized as much as possible (The average 2 minute track is only 500 KB). The next step would have been to remove them.


MushRoom Bounce! coming soon to Raspberry Pi! (Raspbian Linux OS)
Work is being done as we speak to port our game, MushRoom Bounce!, to the world-famous Raspberry Pi portable computer. A portable computer for only $50 shipped, it runs a version of Debian Linux and hundreds of thousands of useful programs and games! The Raspberry Pi is as powerful as the original XBox.

Look for MushRoom Bounce! soon in the Raspberry Pi App Store.

New version 1.1.7 released with new features & bug fixes!

MushRoom Bounce! was released for the Desktop (Windows, Mac and Linux) only 6 1/2 weeks ago, and for Android only 5 weeks ago. Most recently, it appeared on Desura on December 30. During that time, plenty of bugs have been squashed -- especially the kind of bugs that only show up on a certain type of device. But beyond fixing our errors, we have also put in several improvements to the game that we deemed useful or necessary.

Most recently, with version 1.1.7, we put in a new Zoom In and Zoom Out feature! This allows the player to see as much of the game world -- or as little -- as desired.

We started out by putting in a very critical improvement: scaling the game world to fit each device. In other words, every device (desktop, smartphone, tablet, hi-res tablet) displays the same amount of the game world on-screen. This was critical for supporting the new generation of extra-hi-resolution tablets.

But once that was in the game, it was decided that the player should be able to adjust the zoom level. So we put in two more "actions": Zoom In and Zoom Out. They appear at the end of the sequence of available Actions (Run, Dash, Bomb, Big Bomb, Trigger Paddles, Grab), and they work the same way. Just select "Zoom In" (A magnifying glass with a + sign over it) and press the Action button to use it.

But that's not the only improvement -- the short version is that MushRoom Bounce! is better than ever. Check it out for yourself today! We're giving away 25 levels with the free, no-strings-attached, Regular Desktop edition. We hope you enjoy our hard work. Download MushRoom Bounce today and let us know how you like it!

New Official Trailer released!


MushRoom Bounce! is coming to Desura on December 30!

This is exciting news for the Desura PC gaming community, as MushRoom Bounce offers a fun and unique gameplay experience. MushRoom Bounce! is a complete break from any other gaming genre; there are no games like it on the PC game market. Desura gamers will be able to purchase the Premium Edition of MushRoom Bounce! for only $2.99. Pre-order your copy today!


MushRoom Bounce! has now been released for Android.

The unique 2D physics game that is MushRoom Bounce! was released on Google Play today. Many other App stores to follow! 

MushRoom Bounce has finally been released!

Download the game here:

MushRoom Bounce! was released for Windows, Mac and Linux today. Experience the excitement and fun on your desktop and download MushRoom Bounce! from our Downloads page.