Announcing Squid Sudoku!
Released September 14, 2015

Download here!

Current Version: 1.1.6, released 9/25/15

Android edition:

Cross-platform edition: (Windows, Mac and Linux)

Windows edition (still requires Java Runtime):

The classic number puzzle game Sudoku with bright, colorful squids! (We also have the regular number tiles, so don't worry!)

Two Squid Games brings Anime style cute squids to the Japanese classic number puzzle game of Sudoku. You can play with the classic numbers 1-9, or switch to colorful Squid tiles in the game options. Whether you want to play Sudoku with numerical digits 1-9 or with red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, brown, and turquoise -- we are proud to present one of the best electronic Sudoku games ever written.

Enjoy Squid Sudoku on all your favorite gaming, entertainment and computing devices. Works on Android tablets and phones, and there are versions available for other platforms as well such as OUYA, Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Squid Sudoku Features

* SAVE GAME and return to where you left off, now in desktop version as well!
* Intuitive, polished modern interface
* Over 13,500 puzzles ranging from super easy to extremely difficult.
* Two different tilesets - Play with cute, colorful squid tiles, or use the classic number digits 1-9
* Notes feature - jot down up to 4 possibilities in a given square.
* Hint feature - The game will give you a number of hints for each puzzle, if you ask for them. The number of hints per puzzle depends on the difficulty of the puzzle. Hints are always free, but each hint adds 5 minutes to your time!
* Easily plop down numbers or notes in any of the empty squares, and delete them just as easily
* Undo and Redo functions to easily step forwards and backwards
* Android version offers Resume feature - take a phone call, press the Home button, or jump out of the game and you can return to where you left off!
* Check puzzle - Did you complete a Sudoku puzzle correctly? Game can show you any mistakes you made, like a teacher correcting your paper. But like a teacher, the game will not reveal the correct answers. It will mark any mistakes with a red X. You can only use Check Puzzle 3 times per puzzle.
* Timer - How long did it take you to complete a given Sudoku puzzle? For each board you complete, you will get a score which is the number of seconds it took to complete that sudoku puzzle. In Squid Sudoku, lower scores are better!
* High Scores - Should we say Low scores? are saved to your device, as well as uploaded to our server along with your username. See who is the greatest Sudoku master in the world!
* Competition - Scores are also transmitted to our server, so the game can show you who in the whole world did best on a given Sudoku puzzle. On the puzzle selection screen, click on the "Personal best" menu item to toggle to Global High Score mode. When in this mode, you can see the global high score -- as well as who earned it -- for each Sudoku puzzle as you browse the list.
* Compete with Friends - Since the 13,500+ puzzles are always the same, you can rightly compare your score to those of other players who completed that same level. The only difference is the Sudoku skill of the various players!
* Optimized for MOGA Controllers (Android version)
* Wireless bluetooth HID Gamepad Support (Android version)
* Supports keyboard input, including joysticks that behave like a mini keyboard
* Supports multiple joysticks; can play cooperatively with a friend
* Supports any screen size; (480 x 800 or higher recommended)
* Cross-Platform: available for Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, and OUYA
* Sound Effects - Well designed, high quality sound effects to make everything seem more real. Sound effects can be turned off in-game, as well as the background music.
* Keyboard support - Intuitive keyboard commands help you become a Sudoku master without the game getting in the way.

MushRoom Bounce! - get bouncing today!

MushRoom Bounce! is a unique, addictive, 2D physics game where you spin, bop, and ricochet Mushrooms into various holes to clear each level. 

Kino Koichi is the Mushroom Bouncer, a bodybuilding mushroom whose job it is to "bounce" unruly mushrooms that are invading human territory! To keep the peace between mushroom and human kind, Koichi is on a mission to get the mushroom outbreak under control. Under ground, above ground, and back in time -- the mushroom madness is spreading in this addictive, crazy, retro, mushroom-bopping adventure!

Mushrooms abound out of bounds in this wacky mushroom-bopping adventure, set in a myriad of different locations... including some that might leave you scratching your cap. A cafe, the city streets, a desert island, a haunted house -- You never know where the little shrooms might pop up next!

Cute as they may be, this fungal frenzy is getting out of hand. Time to put these cute little guys back in their place. Like the bouncer at any exclusive club, it's time to bum-rush these mushrooms down whatever convenient hole you can find!

Join Koichi in level after level of mushroom bouncing fun -- put on your sunglasses and get bouncing today!

MushRoom Bounce! Features:
* Realistic, 2D Physics Action
* Like in Basketball or Billiards, a Mushroom's "spin" affects how it bounces
* Available for Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux
* Gamepad Support
* Also supports Keyboard input
* Leaderboards and Personal High Scores saved to server
* 33 Unique Areas
* High Quality 28-song Soundtrack
* FREE Desktop version includes 26 Levels! (41 Levels in the ad-supported Android version)
* Tons of Variety -- Each level has its own funny details and surprises
* (Desktop version) Up to 2 simultaneous players (split-screen competitive mode)
* (Android version) You can also play using touch controls: fling/swipe action and/or on-screen joystick & buttons
* (Android version) Supports keyboard input, including joysticks that behave like a mini keyboard
* (Android version) Optimized for MOGA Controllers

P.S. Kinoko = "mushroom" in Japanese. And ichi means "one" so I guess you could say the Bouncer's name is "Mushroom One".

Check out the Screenshots page to see the game in action, and download the Free version today!